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Holiday Cheer!!!

Waking from a great night of Jams with Greensugar at Zella, the next week has a variety of ways to get some Magoo Music. tonight It is A Paddy O’ Fegan’s Jam with many special guests.
Next week It is off to The Penny Road Pub in Barrington Hills. Headlining a show with a great lineup including Chicago’s own Just South of Heaven and Jessica Rae from Nashville. Friday we are back to Paddys and Saturday Backyard Cohort at 191 South in Mokena. Hope to catch you along the way. Happy Holidays!

Back to Paddy’s and Black Wednesday Jamstravaganza IV!!!

Friday It is back to Paddy O’Fegan’s two solo sets and Third set is a Jamstravaganza sneak preview with special guests Ely,Hines,Wiggins and more…….8pm-12am
Wednesday JAMSTRAVAGANZA IV!!!! Whisky Jezabell w/Magoo and many special guests 9pm at Greenville Tavern 2210 W chicago ave!!!
Lets just say the Hollidays have begun its time to rock some fun. Hope to see you out there!